Saturday, April 11, 2009

mom's cake

My birthday happened to land on a tues. this yr., so the family came over for a cookout with some friends and a very large cake. Dinner was great, the kids ate good, the cards made me cry and then the dessert. A very large sheet cake that was so good with a scoop of ice cream on the side. I felt daring, I gave Corey a piece with ice cream so that he could eat it all by himself. My mom looked on ready to jump in and help with the mess he was making. He was enjoying himself, feeding touching, mushing, it was great. Bedtime came a bit late that night since everyone was on a sugar rush, but it only took him 2 x's up before he was asleep.
The next morning seemed to come so fast and I opened my eyes to him standing on the side of my bed with his hands covered in something?? First look I had a thought, was it edible or not? Well it was frosting, a sweet white frosting from what? MY CAKE! I ran into the kitchen to see my now 1/2 sheet of cake smeered down the front of the stove and upside down on the floor. Ugh! Now what? He was wet and covered in sugary frosting and needed to be changed, but the floor needed to be cleaned up. So trying to hold him back I scooped up what I could and yelled for dad to get him. Phew, saved! Nice and clean at 6am and ready to start our day!!

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